mothers day 2008 -

As my parents churn through NetFlix's offerings, I wanted to create a guide for them on mothers of the big screen. I also wanted to create something glossy (it is the Web 2.0 way).

mothers day 2007 -

Lacking the words to express the appreciation I feel for my mother, I turned to our president, George Walker Bush for an answer.

mothers day 2006 -

It has occurred to me that the real trend in my cards (mother's day and holiday cards) is towards the aggregation of information and around a central theme. This years card is centered around collecting famous mothers.

mothers day 2005 -

Continuing on in the tradition of wacky critters, I found a collection of animal facts dealing exclusively with the birthing and raising habits of certain animals. More than the technology, I focused more on the illustration and design of this card. I pushed my CSS skills a little to make this work the way I wanted it to, and include some interesting typography.

mothers day 2004 -

My mother has always had a attraction to bunnies. I have always had an attraction to silly animals. I combined the two into an online card that allowed you to add fashion accessories and environments to an illustrated rabbit. This was written in PHP, and extensively utilizes transparent PNGs to make the design work. I must give credit to Justin Kovisto for posting an excellent script on the Internet for making PNGs work in Microsoft Explorer.

mothers day 2003 -

This year I learned a little Flash. Although probably my least favorite of my cards, I wanted to put my learning to use in something other than online banner ads.

mothers day 2002 -

My mother always said her favor gifts were the ones I made for her. Starting in 2002, I started making online sites to express my affection. The first year I leveraged my mothers technique of killing slugs by putting small saucers of beer out in the garden. Apparently the slugs have an affinity for the stuff, and die a happy death in rather than eat the plants. I researched the alcohol and calorific content of several beers, and formatted them into a list that can be sorted.